Commercial Property Rates

Commercial Property Rates (Uniform Business Rates) represent a large overhead for all commercial property occupiers and owners. Limiting this overhead can help create business efficiencies.

Our Professional Rating Department handles Rating Appeals on behalf of Ratepayers. Whether you’re an owner or occupier of all types of commercial premises, we can advise as to whether an existing RV assessment is fair and reasonable or whether your Commercial Property Rates Liability can be reduced by appeal.

There are, however, many other reliefs and exemptions available to Business Ratepayers as well as in relation to vacant or part vacant commercial premises.

There have been a number of changes recently announced by the Government and designed to attempt to further stimulate the economy as we hopefully start to come out of recession. Notably these focus on assistance for the hard pressed High Street Retail Sector by way of new RETAIL RELIEF for existing qualifying traders and RE-OCCUPATION RELIEF to help owners/Landlords of long-standing empty retail premises to secure a new tenant by reductions in Rates Liability upon re-occupation during the period 01 April 2014 to 31 March 2016.

Also, to stimulate construction of new non-domestic premises, the Government has introduced an additional empty relief on NEW BUILD EMPTY PROPERTY for qualifying premises completed prior to 30th September 2016.

As the Regulations relating to existing reliefs and exemptions have become more complex, there are also now other opportunities for existing businesses to reduce their ongoing Rates Liability, for example by MERGER of assessments where – for example – a single business is operated from more than one property.

All of the above situations require professional specialist advice. If, as either an owner, occupier or potential new developer of commercial premises, you would like more information regarding Commercial Property Rates then please contact our Rating Department on 01543 414300 to speak to one of our team.