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Searching for office space? Wondering whether to consider “all-inclusive” or a conventional Lease?


The term “all-inclusive” is usually used for offices where landlords/tenants are looking for a short term agreement with flexibility. All-inclusive rents may include the following:-

  • Rent
  • Service Charge
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Business Rates
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Electricity

These all-inclusive agreements are intended where service and facilities have to be shared between tenants in multi let buildings.

Conventional Lease

Offices which are more self-contained by way of accommodation, facilities, services and required by landlord or tenant to be of a longer lease term, are normally dealt with by way of a Commercial Lease.

There is no typical form of lease, whatever terms are agreed including rent, repairs, break clauses etc are reflected in the lease.

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